Could not execute "sleep()", as main thread was busy thinking about why a beautiful girl would just handle me her number.

Ok we did get on well but it was unexpected nevertheless

Thank you brain for wasting my day 👍

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    Call her?
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    If you call her don't overthink it, act and feel as if you deserve it. Take it as good karma.

    Otherwise you'll overthink it and blow it.
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    @JKyll ah I'm pretty comfortable with all this, just my brain who kept in an excited state for the whole night :/

    Tried doing some negociations with it, did not go well
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    @irene why so? :D

    the secret is "being yourself", ie, do not try to mould yourself to the other person and assess whether the other person is interested or not (obvious signs). If she's not, next person!

    but.. one needs confidence and to know himself :)
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    @irene why you think that?

    I think the same, I am a dev, I'm a nerd, I think computers, I think music, and I think science-stuff - that's it. Boring as well you see :)

    I am not into pop culture or everyday thingy, and also *I* decide whether a girl interests me instead of forcing myself to interest myself into every girl :D

    So, what's up with you? are you shy, or lacking self confidence, or being negative? :D (I see that from your posts here)

    those are workable :)
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    @irene Well, about "selves", if you indeed reflect the environment, it will never make you joyful, you'll feel much better when it is *you* who enlightens your environment. May I ask "how you think", in society? or would you care explaining why you say "reflect the environment"? :D

    Negativity, is another issue that is hard to change but worth it, especially in the eyes of others
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    @irene why do you like being in such state? what are you looking for, in life? What good does your current situation bring you?

    No, no contradictions. I mean:

    You're in a room, with multiple light bulbs. These bulbs, they enlighten you -> you accept your environment and adapt to it

    But, if you produce your own light bulb, shinier than the others around, you _force_ the environment to accept you, if they don't they go away.

    A bit of a metaphor (shitty maybe :D), in essence it's really following what you want to do, hence why I'm asking "what are you looking for"?

    It takes tim to find out
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    @irene well then, why are calling me "lucky bastard"? If you claim not to want anything... :)
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    @irene @Phlisg I can actually relate to both of you. More to Irine than Phlisg. I am a pretty shy guy who likes his corner and can barely be affected by some joys from himself. Usually games and coding bring those joys and motivation to push a little further. But other than that. I tend to be in a state of neutrality or absorve the others feelings. I stopped putting thoughts into it and just accepted the way I am. I am quite happy with just accepting it and I think I do well like that
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    @franciscorp Well if you're happy like this yes, it works, if it's not, as it was my case, I worked it out :)
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    @Phlisg of course. I think that in questions like this, that's what matter the most
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