The reason why I changed my username ( I'll just be honest here )

I was working on a website. I noticed that entries were submitting yesterday but today new entries were not showing up on database. It was like my database refused to insert new rows but there was no new error in log. I kept trying for almost half an hour, read all the answers on stackoverflow, read docs, tried different methods. Nothing worked. I was fucked up. Completely fucked up.

In frustration, I just stared my database for 10 mins without a single blink, and then I noticed this thing 'showing 25 out of 78 rows'
I clicked on 'show all'


I felt retarded.

Okay I can give an excuse that last time I saw a database was a year ago, but still.. how retarded you need to be to not see this FUCKIN 'SHOW ALL' when it is on the TOP of the FUCKIN TABLE!!

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    hahahahahaha MySQL?
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    Username indeed checkout in this case 🤣
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    @retard hahahahaha well, for what its worth, dont feel stupid. I use MS SQL and had to use MySQL to handle part of a project and done the same thing. Ohhh how I hated MySQL when I was using it.

    MySQL feels like the simple mans SQL in comparison because in MS SQL if I'mdumb enough to SELECT * FROM TrillionRowTable without a limiter, then I deserve what I get, it shouldn't auto limit me lol. Tbh, not sure if IDE or MySQL tho.
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    This is certainly a design issue of the UI
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    @CodeBane hahaha thanks for making me feel good lol :D
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