For 2 years I tried to make my boss pay me what I know I should be worth. Over the same time the team morale took a nosedive down into an avalanche.
Today I told him, that I am sick of being kept waiting and listening to excuses. I want the payment I know I deserve and I want it before the end of the year. I believe to have stayed perfectly calm and factual, even told him "I am sorry, I really tried it, but I cannot take this anymore".
He found a way to put a (literal) "fuck you" and a verbal middle finger into other people's mounts, so he "didn't say it himself" and shut down the meeting telling me to look for another job.

Actually I have not felt as satisfied in my job for a long time, as I have in that very moment.

Time for a new start.

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    Take all my ++'s!
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    Hey, that's great! It's a shame some people get mad when you won't let them take advantage of you, I hope boss baby won't become too vengeful ✌️
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    Future will tell. But as far as I know I have the moral high ground and my colleagues' support.
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    Look for other opportunities. Fuck pricks that don’t want to pay for what we’re worth. Good luck man!
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    @lambdaCurry I am. By now I have 2 headhunters in the loop and an interview scheduled for tomorrow.
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    Update: He actually cooled his jets and tries really hard to please me - and my most company-critical frustrated colleagues.
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    Go get what you worth
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    At the last day speak up the why you're leaving to everyone and tell how much you earned out loud, do as much damage as possible 😈
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    @h4xx3r and kill my reputation? No thanks.
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    Update: told him today I will quit soon. I just have to wait for opportunities to work out in my favor.

    The same day one more colleague announced his resignation and another literally handed it to him today. More or less both for the same reasons. Now the company is ~40% short on full-time devs.
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    You nailed it
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    Feels like it. First time being happy during a work-week for what feels like months.
    Still gotta stick around at least till sylvester, but seems to work out alright.
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    Update: just got the verbal affirmation, that the signature-ready contract for a new job will be e-mailed to me today.
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    Filed my resignation today, right after signing for a job that seems far more like what I want and that's paying much better.

    Did the right thing.
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