What is the worst thing you have encountered in a code review?

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    My own comments
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    My own code D:
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    Total absence of whitespace.

    (I fired them.)
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    @Root minified code?
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    @delc82 Handwritten, unfortunately. Worse than intern level, and yet he called himself a junior dev. He didn't know minifying was a thing (or that build tools of any kind existed at all).

    The only spaces in his code were in strings. Everything else touched the left margin. No blank lines either, and he defended all of this saying it was easy for him to read.

    Also, no loops of any kind. To repeat the same action 8 times, he copypasted the code 8 times.

    It was his second (and last) code review.
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    @Root wow I never met a dev like that.
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    Code itself
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    @Root Was it all on one line, though?
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    I actually can't make up my mind... Two things from a former coworker (with a master in computer science!) popped up when I read your question.

    A) A VB program without loops. He really copied the same line ten times and modified the one value by hand. Four times!

    B) A C++ program that was actually a *demo* from the Centera API documentation, slightly adapted. It was a mess of a dozen "if (foo())" - lines, making the code wandering to the right.
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    @electrineer *twahaha* that would be fun:
    "Syntax error in line 1"
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    @electrineer Nope. If it was, I would have assumed it was minified.
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    @Yamakuzure I don't understand how those people passed the coding test to get the job.
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    @Hubot-0x58 haha I did. I gave him a list of things to fix and things to learn, e.g. for loops. He didn't. He was basically a complete newbie to development, and I didn't have the time to teach and handhold. I had projects that needed doing and not enough people to do them, so letting him go actually improved our productivity.

    I used to hold free classes to teach utter beginners, and much of their code was better 😅

    @delc82 Neither, unless there wasn't a coding test at all?
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    @delc82 He was a brillant project manager. But that wasn't what he was hired for. Got fired in the end due to incompetence. 😕
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    @Yamakuzure I guess the company didn't deserve him
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    @delc82 Well, he really messed up some projects and sucked our reputation down a lot with some clients. One of them being Pioneer in Luxembourg.
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    @Yamakuzure darn man that's heavy
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    No assertions after reading from db. List.size() - 1;
    And he was done.
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