Marlboro my love 😍

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    @irene sorry i can't eat shawarma at this time of the day 😋
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    @irene how do you get shawarma early in the morning?! Most of the shawarma places open after 12PM!! In some cases 5PM!!
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    @irene on weekend ... on weekend
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    Isnt shawarma just a weirdly flavoured gyros? What am i missing?
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    @ganjaman depends on your taste
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    @ganjaman what i really find sad is that turkish Dönner Kebab joints here in Switzerland sell Dönners with french fries as Gyros. They must really hate greece to do such crime 😢

    Lebanese shawarma is way better than a turkish dönner kebab. But that savory sour youghurt and the tender big meat chunks in a greek gyros makes you forget everything for a moment.
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    smoke at least 5 packs a day bro optimize that shit bro
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    @SukMikeHok Not that much.. I have to stay alive for the rest of the day so 1 pack is enough fella
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