How much RAM Chrome/Firefox is eating in your sistem right now?
Mine is at 5Gb...

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    system with i ? Well i never heard that one before.
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    Oh and also it eats up all my RAM and half of swap so about 12GB. But yeah im building android on 6threads and compiling kernel 4.19rc8 on 2 threads
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    lol, I only have 4 sets of tabs with 5 or 6 open tabs each (like 20 youtube tabs to watch later).
    Still... how did we go from 100mb for the whole browser, and like 1mb max page size, to dozens of mb?...

    Also, my mistake, in Portuguese we write Sistema.
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    About 500mb I think (Firefox)
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    Enough that it knows how to spell correctly. Haha.
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    Chrome is a ram whore
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