Today I took an extra swig of idiot juice and deleted my /usr/lib directory in the first 5 minutes of the day.

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    Well that wasn't a very smart decision, was it :)
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    @netikras I like to think I'm on the short list for an award of some sort now
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    I have also discovered safe-rm !
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    @polaroidkidd Good one! I should adopt this thinking as well :D
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    Best is the feeling of ultimate stupidity afterwards followed by a scary emptiness in your head...

    ... I had this, while being in thought, after I hit 'enter' and realized I had typed in (as root): "rm -rf /etc"...

    By The Goddess was I relieved that I had /etc backed up using git!
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    reminds me of that time a co-worker deleted /bin/bash from a production server...
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    Thanks guys! I'm not alone in my stupidity! There is strength in numbers!
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    @Yamakuzure isn't that a lot of.... git?
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    @polaroidkidd well, a lot of text files. I like to keep track of what gets added/removed/changed on updates.
    However, the main reason for me to use git there is, that I like to tweak my configs.
    And when one of my... erm... not so brilliant ideas wreaks havoc, I can easily roll back.
    I have a rather lengthy .gitignore, though. 😋
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    @Yamakuzure that's a pretty good way to go about it! I think I might try that!
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