I never understood the ‚space vs tabs‘ war ...
Tabs can do everything that spaces can plus more:
* look the same as spaces, but its width is configurable (at least in a decent editor)
* the safe space (1 byte vs 3 or 4)
* you can decrease the intendation leven with one bsckspace keypress in every(!) editor.

So the winner can only be tabs? Why would I even limit myself with spaces?

I dont wanna start a flame war, just curious what you guys (especially the spaces lovers) think about it

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    Oh for fuck sake, we managed like a solid week without any talk of this then someone had to go mention it again.

    You lot can get your pitchforks I'm going to the bar
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    @DLMousey sorry seems i missed the old posts (new member since a week or so 😅)
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    @mojo2012 brace for the flame war 🙃 any minute now.

    Dos cervesas por favor amigo
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    @mojo2012 No worries

    Just join @DLMousey at the bar, I heard he was buying rounds.
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    Just go with language/IDE/company default and move on. The only rule I’d say is never mix within a file.

    Personally I think tabs make more sense, but I use spaces because others do.

    I get far more irked by Visual Studio not allowing me to change the line spacing.
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    I've never joined in on the tabs vs spaces war, but being a PHP developer (where there isn't a restriction), I just use tabs. If I were Python, I'd have been forced to use spaces by now (although you can configure your IDE to convert tabs to spaces I believe). Maybe in an ideal world we would all use the tab key, but have it entered as 4 spaces for consistency? I have noticed some weird indentation issues on Github after pushing code. That was on a project with multiple developers though.
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    What if we don't care and use whatever is default ? Oh wait, which way is the bar ?
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    @Stebner55 That's what people using "spaces" do. You just press tab like anyone else would, but your editor/IDE converts it to n spaces.
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    You're talking about soft tabs. Feels like tabs, isn't tabs (with the indentation change by backspacing)
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    Automatic indentation.
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    So... No flame war. But @DLMousey and some others got drunk, so we got that going for us which is nice.
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    @ilPinguino *hic*

    @Hallelouia is over thish wa-*hic*-y
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    @mojo2012 I love you ♥️
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    When you use spaces it doesn't mean you have to put them one by one. lol
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    I think that what @DLMousey is trying to say is that @mojo2012 is "thicc"
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    @ckoulatsi if u use an IDE it creates the spaces for u when pressing the tab key. But what if ur using nano or vi?
    Pressing tab once and actually getting that exact character is a huge advantage!
    Also those who prefer two columns indentation can just configure it whereas with spaces its „hardcoded“ by the author ...
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    @mojo2012 Vi can be configured to indent with spaces.
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    @sbiewald sure, but alot of editors can‘t. But let‘s not start the war. Spaces is just the „less good“ option from a logical point if view bc it limits you and others. But I do get that some people might just like it bc ... who knows
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