Really?! Now even StackOverflow is going to be nice and welcoming to users?!

Half of our fucking rants are about StackOverflow and it's asshole moderators. 😑

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    I like this too! I just have to get over my anxiety to ask questions on StackOverflow.

    But to be fair, that anxiety taught me how to read documentation and find answers myself.
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    You still can't flag the assholes who just downvote or close without even understanding the question. And the new contributor indicator will only be helpful for the assholes to spot new prey more easily.
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    @badcoder So am I. I read more often in the Docs before I search at all on Stackoverflow.
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    @Haxk20 that's grade A sarcasm, 10/10.

    @Fast-Nop lots of fun awaits us in stack overflow, they probably manage to get crappier users.

    All these CoC fuss is just sad, I really hope one of these days one of my projects takes off to institute a Code of Merit and Manners instead of a cucked CoC.
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    Actually SO started trying to make their community more welcoming before all the master slave and Linus telling someone to kys stuff. But now it’s a bad look and is getting caught up in all this.
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    There's nothing wrong with a good code of conduct.

    The Linux one was just pushed through quite rapidly, and written by a person who often voices herself in a misandrist way and opposes meritocratic acceptance of patches.

    I think the new code of conduct on stack overflow is actually really great... Let's hope it contributes to a less toxic community.
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    So what the fuck do you want? Huh? What the frigging FUCK do you want? First we have people ranting on SO users being dicks, now we have people ranting on SO being too nice. So what the fuck do you want? Robots? ReadTheDocs? Programming IRCs? I give the fuck up on this one, fuck you.

    Edit: Not sorry.
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    We want systems based on merit, and not on longevity or niceness.

    Stackoverflow has the worst of both: asshole users who can't parse the difference between two questions or otherwise don't bother, in a vain attempt to be the FIRST to post in order to collect that sweet sweet upvote validation and

    mods who are more concerned with defending turf than competency.

    This won't improve that. It'll just be used as more ammunition in speech patrol and unnecessarily politicizing technical conversations in transexual communist dickmeasuring contests online before censoring the opposition who don't bend the knee in response to petty bullshit and incoherent screaming.
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