TLDR: SAP sucks. Don't ever work with it. Run away from it. Delete it from your memory. If your company works with it, quit. It's the best you can do.

A couple of weeks ago the group rant was "Story of your best/worst career choice" and I talked about the contract I signed. Even tho that is still true and I still feel like that, I think I got a new worst choice:


When I got this job I knew it would be SAP, but I didn't know what SAP was. I just thought "it's programming, how bad can it be?" OH BOII.

If only I would have done some FUCKING RESEARCH I would know this would be a mistake!!

And I knew I didn't want to work with this, I knew I wanted to be a web developer, but I STILL ACCEPTED THE JOB OH MAN WHAT WAS I THINKING I'M SO MAD.

Were I live we all have the same mentality when looking for the first job, which is to just accept anything you can get, because it's your first job, you need to work and to get experience, even if it's a bad job or if you know you won't like it. When my intership was ending, I told my parents I didn't want to stay there because they treat their employes like shit, and the salary is terrible. They told me to still accept it if they offered because I still need a job (this one was web tho) and experience.

So, of course, since I was looking for my first job, was told this my entire live, always thought like that and they were the first to contact me, I accepted it.



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    Never worked with it but how bad is SAP?
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    @gitpush let's see.

    - Code you will never understand, the people who developed it don't even know their own code anymore.
    - Database structure. I won't go further into that one, it just doesn't make sense.
    - Obsolete fields EVERYWERE that no one dares to delete.
    - Change one tiny thing, everything catches fire. Well, if they even let you change something, most of the times they don't.
    - A million ways to insert one thing, that then gets stored in a million tables. I've talked about database structure.
    - Repeating data, like product names. Maybe it's just me, but I always heard you shouldn't do that. I was really confused when I found out SAP does this.
    - Just a general nightmare to understand.

    Just to name a few things.
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    SAP is plague. I don't know what it is, but the name pops up here and there. All I know is that where it's mentioned, there are issues.
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    @cantthinkofone it's not that bad. But it's a challenging learning curve, of you want to master it. Drop me a line, if you need help... The worst thing is that sap is backwards compatible to the 90 in about 80%of the code. :(
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    SAP - surely ass paining
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    @burningcandle I do have to admit, I've only been working with it for 6 months, but lately I've seen no progress. I'm not learning anymore. It's so... unnecessarily complicated.

    Sometimes, something is so complicated on SAP, but I could do in a few lines with any other language.
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    Previous company had a hand-rolled CRM and primitive fleet management system.

    It was clunky, it was prone to breaking, but it worked (more or less).

    Instead of allowing their in-house talent to rebuild at a fraction of the cost, they decide to pursue a SAP / Dynamics implementation purely because the jumpy little sociopathic cunt that was PM was won over at a fucking free conference.

    I think they were quoted 60k a year for SAP.

    So glad I decided to get out of there.
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    Now imagine a billion dollars in revenue per annum company underpinned completely by sap and windows 7

    Welcome to my life.
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    SAP has been at the core of every company I have ever worked at (though I never needed to touch it, luckily). It's running almost every large Business in Germany, from the metal industry to newspapers. It's a Monolith, incredibly expensive and no one ever dares to touch it. It's software from the 90ies, the UI looks really bad, and I don't want to imagine what the codebase looks like. SAP is the future COBOL.
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    I had similar experience with SharePoint. I now automatically reject jobs that mention if no matter what the pay is.
    Fuck off SharePoint sincerely go to hell
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    @cantthinkofone After my previous company was acquired by SAP (look up "Gigya" if you're curious) I gave the whole thing a few months to process. After realizing they are basically a retarded unwanted sibling version of Oracle (which is already bad enough) I left.
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    Just started a job working with SAP Hybris and Boi o Boi, is it scary. The worst part for me is the absolute shit documentation, which makes learning it hard.

    I don't hate my job, it's actually a decent challenge, but I probably wouldn't take another job like this in the future...
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    Did you try looking into the question/answers in their site? It's terrible, never has what I need.
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    Did anyone of you see the sap programming documentation? It contains anything you need, I guess.
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    @burningcandle I can't even find it. I just use the SAP help (F1), but it never helps
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    @cantthinkofone the TA is ABAPDOCU if I recall correctly. No internet needed... :)
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    @burningcandle yes that's what I use, we just call it "help" here 😂
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    So? What's missing?
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    @burningcandle most times is not clear. They tell you stuff exist, but not how to use it (sometimes)
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    We learn SAP, couldn't hate it more.
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    Their business model is fucked up !
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    What a sh*t mess of a system.

    Started my first web dev job with SAP, wish wish wishhhhh I did my research on it first.
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    Their complex SAPUI5 framework is built around... jQuery! Think 200 console errors all the time. Remember the early 2000s when jQuery was hot?

    It will work just enough to keep you going. You will fall at every step of the way. Never take anything for granted. Expect silent failures.

    It honestly looks like the code severely outgrew and outlasted its original purpose.
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    SAPUI5 was released in 2009...
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