We currently have multiple exercises for a lecture and they decided to use python this year instead of Matlab, but the codestyle is all over the place. Everything is yellow in my IDE and warnings everywhere.

Arghhh 😭

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    Wait... Is kebab case actually a thing in some languages...
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    @lxmcf We use it all the time when programming cloud-based containerized blockchain-enabled artificial intelligences in HTML/CSS.

    edit: example below

    <b class="bold-ai">Hey baby, looking for a good time?<\b>
    <input type="button" value="YES">
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    @lxmcf I was gonna say, I see it all the time in CSS class and id names

    .some-class {...}

    #some-id {...}
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    Well yeah but you can use kebab-case only in pseudo languages like HTML (for the last time, it's *not* a programming language!) 😂
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    @lxmcf We're working with Cobol and there's kebab-case everywhere :)
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    @lxmcf it's also used in BEM, the Block Element Modifier naming scheme for CSS and HTML classes; it all boils down to personal taste tbh
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    remembering kebab-case in powershell cracked me up
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    Lisp totally uses the-best-case
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