Been way too long since I did something that wasn't WordPress, so I decided to take some spare time this weekend to scratch-build something and get around to finally learning how to transition from Foundation 5 to 6 while I'm at it (since jQuery compatibility requirements mandate I finally make that jump going forward...).

Started off with a plan for a custom-designed CMS built around a personal research project I've been doing. Worked it all out mentally. Then got started and realized I probably want to start by securing the system and provisioning for user accounts, so I've been working on that all weekend so far...

On the plus side, I've written a pretty nice user management module for any future personal projects, and have *finally* gotten around to learning how to do prepared statements in MySQLi.

On the neutral side, I still haven't gotten around to building any of the substantive stuff I set out to work on this weekend because I've been helping a friend out IRL with some non-programming stuff.

Such is the way it goes, eh? Hoping tonight I'll finally finish up with the administrative items and be able to get down to building the actual meat of the project.

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