Totally not dev related but had to ait this somewhere... Yesterday my parents came to me and asked what the best way would be for them to have some space cake...

Totally caught me by surprise! Was so surprised I couldn't utter actual sentences for a solid 5 minutes...

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    @irene pretty much my first reaction as well...

    Turns out they in their circle of friends, its been a running joke to try out space cake... And they now decided to actually give it a try...

    Im fairly sure it's because they're getting older and want to feel young again
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    @joykill how old are they?
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    @irene Edibles
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    @helloworld they're a little over 50
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    Delicious 😋
    When they survive tell them to buy some shrooms 😂
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    There is a great recipe on NASA's website.
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    First time I tried edibles (actually first time I got high at all), I'd been to Amsterdam to see one of my favourite bands, so obviously I also had to visit one of Amsterdam's famous "coffeeshops". Didn't get round to eating the brownie until the train back to the airport, all of it in one go, let's just say I was flying before I got on the plane.
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    @irene Food with weed in.
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