Annual performance peer review

Person who did review me wrote in the section “skills needed to improve”:

“He is introverted...”

Bloody hell!! What a big problem :) and how in earth you can “fix” it? And why everyone expected to be extraverted??

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    Go to HR and tell them this and that Albert Einstein was an introvert.
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    My manager told me about SMART feedback. It’s a good way to TDD feedback. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/...
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    Trying to make heads or tails of this shitty feedback, the best way I can interpret it is this person thinks some aspect/s of your behavior hurts your productivity and then attributes the behavior to introversion. ... or maybe this person still thinks Myers Briggs tests are useful in the workplace and not total bullshit. Or most likely, this person is a lazy ass.
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    Oh and not “lazy” in the a virtuous way but useless (lookup “three programmer virtues” for reference)
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    I remember a job a left, nearly a year later I get sent in the post a copy of my new annual performance review, saying how great I was, but my attendance had been poor..
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    I think it is really useful, to introvert and extrovert equally, but don't take it too seriously just chill up.
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    @Hubot-0x58 I am an introvert but i have a timer for being into the zone, and switch back to being extrovert.
    I know because working with introvert is really hard. I know :(
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    @Hubot-0x58 I took me too many alarms to do that. :) you can try that too
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    TL;DR be yourself, fuck extroverts

    I've struggled all my 30 years to fight this introvert/shy/antisocial trait I have but after all the:
    - ignored good mornings
    - not letting me finish my sentences
    - pretending to don't notice I wanna talk

    Behavior from extroverts I finally snapped and realised I don't give a fuck really, all you gotta do is accept who you are.

    Now I'm in peace because I really don't give a fuck if I don't feel like saying "hello" to every one, some days I simply ignore the world and fuck it.

    When I'm talking if someone stars I simple keep talking looking them straight in the eye and fuck it.

    Sometimes life kicks you so many times on the balls that you simple stop giving a fuck and start being at peace being yourself.
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    Work is no longer (and perhaps never was) about just turning up and doing your job.

    I’m fairly introverted, but I had to learn very quickly that I’m in the minority there, and as a minority (gay) in the workplace in general, learning a bit of extroversion is very helpful.

    Culture fit is such a huge part of the modern workplace, being more extroverted goes a long way towards how your colleagues think of you.

    Try not to get too hung up on it as being negative feedback, and see it as a learning opportunity.

    After all, of course people are going to prefer the bubbly fun software developer colleague to the quiet, angry neckbeard.
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    I am introvert but learnt to fake extrovertness in relevant groups.
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