Conferences do a great job reminding me of bad I am at socializing. I'm not antisocial, just legitimately bad at socializing. I need to practice more, I wonder if there's an app for that 🤔

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    there is a book for that
    How to Win Friends & Influence People: Dale Carnegie - Amazon.com
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    It was actually kind of a joke. I have no problem "socializing" via an app but when it comes to doing it in person I'm awkward and seem to fail at it pretty hard. I kinda think my time in front of a computer and interacting with coworkers mostly thru apps is making me worse at it.
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    You could go out on weekends and flirt up girls in clubs. Sure, that will totally suck, but it will make conferences fun in comparison.
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    @Fast-Nop haha, I can barely talk to another Dev in person and you expect me to flirt? 🤣
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    @DRBragg no, it's just that after the clubs, conferences will seem like paradise. ^^
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    @DRBragg start with smalltalk about weather, coffee, stuff like that. Or, alternatively, some topic you really care about (like, dunno, a new release of a game/ software, etc) - it's usually easier to talk about stuff you like. And then gradually increase the difficulty.
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    The app is called Facebook
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    B don't even sweat it. Its a gradual process for people that ain't accustomed to it. The trick for me is not forgetting that one can be really interesting if given the chance and so can others. Don't just give people a chance but also yourself. You are here with us :D so i am willing to bet that you are interesting irl in your own right :D

    I am a social chameleon. I will talk to anyone, anyplace, anywhere. It brings some good times.

    I am also flirty af.
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    Perhaps a part time job in some kind of retail outlet where you get to meet a lot of people.
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    You can ask Google Assistent for topics to speak about... It really suggests these
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    No. But there sure are conferences for that... 🤗
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    Just get out of your comfort zone more often. I.e. socialize more in RL. You should eventually get used to it and start being more relaxed.
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    The comments here almost made me go to the café and try talking to some girls there.. which didn't go too well last time, got completely wasted :/

    *notices that rsync completed, allowing me to continue server migration*
    Phew.. saved!!! :')

    /edit … I should really get out of my comfort zone though
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    Whenever I visit my local cafe's, I'm the only person there !

    I'm planning to visit them more often and map the busy periods.

    To visit more of them, I'm also going to need a longer range vehicle.. (Currently building that.)
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