University dorm admin story:
One guy had a problem with his ethernet cable. He broke RJ45 and wanted new one, so he asked on dorms group what to do. He was pointed to admin. So he grabbed a knife, cut the cable as close to wall as he could and walked with it to the admin guy. He said that he had problem with his cable and want new RJ45, so admin applied it on the both sides. Then he asked how to plug it back to the wall :D

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    Didn't quite understand that
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    @jespersh There wasn't any ethernet socket in the wall, just a cable under the wall plaster. So when he cut the cable, nothing was hanging from the wall to connect with. He had to pull the new cable from the switch to his room, around 40m of cable.
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    What a fuck
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    Idiot :)
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    Argh.. who ever built this network, with loose cables dangling from the Walls instead of proper wall sockets, deserves some special place in hell... (Or maybe the responsible beancounter, who said it's cheaper this way)

    Either way, this disaster was just waiting for the right genius to actually happen - and im quite certain it won't be the last time...
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    @Lisk it's just fault of dorm management. Usually they do not allow any changes, so admins couldn't do anything with it. After this incident they mounted wall sockets everywhere during holiday.
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    They even wanted to charge me for different color of wall in place I filled giant hole that was there when I moved in to that room. Good thing that I like to have everything written on paper and signed, so I don't had to pay for it.
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    @Lisk I can confirm we have a special programs reserved for these fuck ups :)
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    It's a dorm in a forgotten country of Poland. Don't expect too much. Here dogs bark with their asses. We could exchange our politicians and clergi with those from Afghanistan, nothing would change.
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    @wupewu where is it? Wrocław? Kraków? Łódź? Politechnika Warszawska? :D
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    @mt3o Łódź ;D
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    It was my first guess but wanted to sound less intimidating :p

    Im after WAT, heard tons of similar stories from profs. Difference is that they have their minds turned upside down from working with heavily specific applications. Not all of them them, but some at least. WAT has little more cash for such investments :p oh, good old student times...
    You're 1st year? Be a good at maths and physics. I got kicked for multiple kinds of math. And being lazy. But mostly for the math. And making a eee ćwiczeniowiec at physics course look like a dumb. But he was dumb and deserved it :D
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    @mt3o I'm on third year ;)
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    @wupewu gratz. You made it :) you really had no previous programming experience before uni? In my case that was impossible to pass the first year. Friends have repeated some "introductory" courses ;)
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    @wupewu btw, it's 2.30am in the morning. My daughter, 1yo, woke up and now I can't go back to sleep. What's your excuse for being up? Doing eee sprawozdanka z laborek? :D
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    @mt3o sick leave, both from work and study ;P
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    If I had a sick leave from work and home and couldn't sleep i'd get pills or something else to sleep :p
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    @mt3o That's the first week in last 30 days that I have free days and I just want to go full lazy ;P Studying at the weekend and working during week is harder than I thought ;(
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    @wupewu definitely agree with you. After dropping I started working on full time and i felt so much freedom as never before. And developed depression at the same time. :p

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