When the client asks for IE8 compatibility ...

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    just tell him you don't support browsers that are no longer supported and outdated as fuck ;D
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    Actually we tried doing that. But the decision is not ours to take no matter how good the argument is. Some users still use it (apparently).
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    you even cry in the right color..
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    @crissly if client wants support for IE8 I usually charge him 50% more. Discussion ends. ;)
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    Indeed :) we had to spend a week to change from IE11 to IE8. I just hope the client won't change his mind again.
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    also while your at it can you make it backwards compatible and look good on an iPhone 3g ?
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    Currently having to break one of my projects to make it work with IE8. I feel your pain.
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    this should be illegal
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    I'd rather starve
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    "No, sir"
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    @Oceas Lucky me they want the old look so no extravagant style is needed :D
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    @carlos I totally agree with you. It's basically the same as admitting some security failures on sensitive stuff. We really need more laws about that.
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    @Letmecode the way you handle it seems pretty fair.
    I guess the client must have some really good reasons to be asking for it knowing it will cost more.
    Have you often met such client ?
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    @Letmecode it's my very first project with a client so I really appreciate that you share your experience.
    I began reading rants for fun but I discovered a passionate community.
    I've already pointed out many libraries or interesting debates.
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    @Letmecode I would love to get the stressball! :D I'm just in love with the concept of devrant and I'd be proud to expose the ball on my desktop.
    I've always searched for a community like that and here it is!
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    @Letmecode I did study Computer Science in a French school with some kind of opinionated program.
    We could say I'm a java developer but with the lack of experience it doesn't mean much.
    I actually feel like most of my work is linked to self studying since the school is really generic in France.
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    Just triple the estimate...
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    School for programming is mostly useless I found. I learnt everything that I needed myself before I got to university, the diploma is just something to waft under the noses of employers. :/
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    We regularly have to support IE6 kiddo 😎
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    I wouldn't even build it.... That's literally a job I wouldn't take unless they paid me 10k for that alone
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    I just have to explain that the way the software is built, IE ≤9 support is not possible as it relies on things that do not exist in these browsers.

    (Stack is AngularJS calling remote data APIs using CORS. AFAIK CORS cannot be polyfilled because it's internal to the browser.)

    So to support IE≤9 would be a total (worse) rewrite of the front-end which would equate to 10× the main project cost.

    Luckily IE≤9 usually represents under 0.5% of users.
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    0.17% percent (as of 1st october) of visitors on our site, are IE users.. so I said fuck'em. Development time is so much faster. It's simply not worth it.. sure, at the scale of FB or if your users are the typical IE user, well of cause IE is worth it.. but in tech businesses, our customers rarely touch IE
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