It seems that I am building a toolbar for IE11.

Send me your wishes and love.

P.S. Not a joke

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    😟 ask,com kind of toolbar?
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    @heyheni yeah
    @desirous lol
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    God no, the horror... why wont people let it die, who wants a toolbar in this day an age anyway?
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    Wait why....
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    Yay, a toolbar!!
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    @C0D4 i am doing it cuz i want to
    @NULLmaster cuz i am in love lol
    @sladuled hey, my friend!
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    I always wanted to know how to build one..
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    @sladuled MS IE SDK (deprecated)
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    @CozyPlanes love the deprecated note.. 😂😂😂😇
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    @C0D4 you did want this shit at earlier days? 😅
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    Whats a toolbar
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    @beggarboy 10 years ago many companies paid big bucks to software developers to integrate their spyware in software installers. "[x] install ask.com toolbar to internet explorer for even better online expierience." "okay! [next]". It sometimes came to this that family members would begging you to do something about their 12 toolbars which took more than half of the top webbrowser view.
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    i remember that shit with 24 toolbars installed and then being asked to fix that crap on community computer. nuclear formated the drive, got windows up and banned almost everything but browser, even right click wasn't working. happy days!
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    @Fenix my toolbar collection was rockin! 80% screen coverage 😆

    But those days have been and gone, I now like my browser clean and frameless - kiosk mode is still a thing right?
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    Do you have a banner saying "We recommend using IE"? 8)
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    @heyheni LMAO. Great pic.
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    @heyheni That brings back more than a couple memories from doing tech support.

    Anyone remember the hell some of those bars put you through if you dared trying to uninstall them? I remember one that got added by accident (forget if I clicked the wrong button, or if it was set so the close button installed it anyway) and it had some weird homebrew captcha they wanted you to complete before it would disable.
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    @Kaji yeah like "how dare you to unistall this super usefull toolbar! Some super cute kittens will die because of you. You are a bad person!"
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    @heyheni Thanks for catching my drift and posting the only response I would've accepted
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    @Kaji I do remember. There always was some location with files you missed, reinstalling the damn thing. An undepletable source of good rants 8)
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    @CozyPlanes how is the toolbar going?
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    @heyheni Well, not that good, and I have loads of projects aside, so yeah.....

    IE SDK is crap
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    Are you serious. Hasn't IE been EDGEed out ?

    P.S. This is also not a joke
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    *blinks twice*
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    I wish you the best of luck! ❤️ YOU'LL GET THROUGH IT!
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    A toolbar that downloads chrome?
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    @Synti maybe lol

    i ditched development.
    api is shitte
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    If you are being held hostage, blink twice.
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    *blinks twice*
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    I'm praying for you my man
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