I'm using git bash on Windows 10, tried WSL, but it is really messed up needs more documentation, i had multiple installs of node js and other stuff including node_modules

So using git bash, I have my own sweet .bashrc file which is awesome, using bash or WSL is kinda slow, just wanna know how you devs have set up your terminals.

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    In the past I used wsl for a proper ssh integration, but it was a slow drag, so once I discovered I can do all I want in git bash, I've changed too.
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    I guess by « git bash » you mean cygwin?
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    @karasube the one that comes with git, i think it is MING64
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    I do the same on Windows
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    I've got Cmder running for basic CLI, and then use the terminal in VSC a fair amount, unless I'm working in vi.

    Usually working in VSC on my windows machine tho, and its got bash, zsh, node, mongo, python, etc. all running well
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