Was away for 2 months and recently got back to devrant. What's up with all the childish cringy memes? Did devrant become 9gag or do I have to enable a filter to see posts like in the first days?

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    Just disable memes
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    Disable the memes and live a happy life!
    Welcome back.
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    The worst part is that idiots repost them over and over, the reposted image recognition in devRant doesn't work (post should be refused and rewarded with 10 -- automatically @dfox ), and community idiots even upvotes them.
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    @C0D4 thanks for the trick
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    Since the filter functionality has been given by our might gods, I live a happy devRant life.
    The joke/meme category is pure filth in my opinion ant it should be sacrificed in a holy bloodbath to thank our gods @dfox and @trogus for their existence.
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    I can't stand them either. This place was better before that happened.

    It makes me thing the majority of posters are students.
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    @devrocket Yeah, and the complaints "mimimi my university is so hard, mimimi I fail at the tests". How is that even a rant?!

    FUCK I'm glad that there even IS at least some kind of selection to sort out students who aren't up to their tasks.

    I fucking don't want them as future co-workers where they will also whine how hard the tasks are, and where others (like me) will end up doing their job while not getting their money.
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