Oh, thanks iOS

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    This is one of the biggest problems with iOS to prevent me from using it personally.
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    Well... You can reinstall it 🤷
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    @irene and lose persistent data such as account info and settings in all apps? No, thanks.
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    @lucaspar why would you want to clear cache? 🤔
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    @irene some app designers never test their app on a phone with more than their app on it and don't realize just how much storage their cache takes. My mother's iPhone has pinterist on it. A major app. The number of times her phone ran out of space is ridiculous. But its too much work for her to uninstall because she has to *gasp* log in again.

    If you had a clear cache button like on Android, you can keep your data but drop the cache!

    My cache on devrant is 70mb right now, I just cleared it a couple days ago. It's possible dfox has old cache data expire automatically, but I don't really revisit posts unless I get tagged, so that expiration date might be too far back for me. It's nice to have a button to clear the cache if my phone fills up.

    Granted, I have 128gb, so it's not going to happen. But not everyone has a flagship, I have friends still using the iPhone 4s-6s (read: 32gb or even 16gb). A clear cache button would help them loads.
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    @irene Facebook and Instagram alone are using 1.3GB of space. Clearing cache is a good way of retrieving a lot of space from these apps. Streaming apps, Web browsers, and almost every app with lots of media files (videos, pictures, etc) end up using a lot of storage after a while.

    I'm surprised this is not a native iOS functionality to be honest. Especially considering that iPhones don't have an external SD slot.
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    @irene here's how it looks like on Android. It's system wide and wipes only volatile data in apps, so no important data is lost. I often clean several GBs a month with it, so when I need a lot of space, say for a few movies to watch offline, I have it right away.
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    @taigrr I see. So there's no systemwide cache cleaning system which will invalidate all the old things? That's really bad. But I think it should be system side.
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    @irene right, yeah it is system side on Android instead if up to the developer which is what I like.
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    Many years ago my friend had samsung phone with Bada OS and facebook app even reinstall doesn't cleaned the fb cache lol
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