Isn't the fact you're getting money at the end for doing something you love fun enough?

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    Even eating lasagne and drinking cola everyday can become boring after a while...
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    Yeah man. Money's money, and doing what you love is just fucking great
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    Fuck no.
    Not for all the shit I put up with.
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    @Root Agreed. Having to communicate with other random human beings is tiring.
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    Depends, I like doing sysadmin work and electronics for example, but would never ever do it for someone else if I'm not properly compensated for it. I care about my craft and spend a lot of time, effort and care in my own stuff. But I couldn't care less about someone else's stuff. If someone else's server is on fire and I don't get paid, don't expect me to piss on it.

    The difference sits in how much you care about the stuff from someone else. And you shouldn't care about it any more than what you're paid for. Your own projects are invaluable, theirs can go to hell.

    Yes, getting paid to do work you like is nice, but you're not taking the results of your work home. So while you're getting paid for the work that you like doing.. that's all you're taking home at the end of the day - payment for it. I don't think that I'd have the same passion for a paid project of someone else than I'd have for my own priceless little side projects. Because money is the driving force, both for committing work as well as putting up with corporate BS. Pay me to care.
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    Every fking project seems fun until client doesn't change the spec...
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