Today I'm having my first interview as an interviewer. I'm so nervous right now.

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    I know that feeling, heh. Putting myself in the other person's shoes and focusing on making them feel comfortable and welcome is what works best for me.

    edit: not literally, of course. Unless there's some serious chemistry.
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    Good to know that interviewers are nervous too. We're all human after all
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    Interviewer cheatsheet for noobs:

    - what is your biggest weakness?
    - why do you want to work with us?
    - how many ping pong balls fit in Beoing 737?
    - what kind of animal you would like to become?
    - do you like to work alone or in a team?
    - what is a hash map?
    - why are potholes round?
    - can you describe a situation when there was a conflict in your team?
    - you don’t know something, which can be StackOverflowed in 5 seconds, so you are not qualified
    - „we will let you know”

    Why do you look like you’d like to kill me?
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