I've been off the PHP game for a good bit now so I'm not sure if this is an established practice.

But why in the flying fuck would someone want to use .htm in place of .php files? Especially when you already use .php on other files on the same codebase?!

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    To obscure from the truth and people like messing with mike types ☚ī¸
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    I'm more wondering why people would use .phtml 😂
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    @thijs479 sounds like you've come across a real life dinosaur if you know someone using .phtml! That used to be the file extension used back in PHP2!
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    @neilherbertuk even dinosaurs stopped using that, @God I remember having to write .php3 and that was bad enough.
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    @neilherbertuk there still sometimes using it today so the user wouldn't get scared by a .php file or whatever stupid AF reason they have 😂
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    @thijs479 oh the joys of Apache mod_rewrite. Don't think any site I've worked on has had a visible file extension for decades!
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    @neilherbertuk Same hahaha (Even though I'm only programming for 1 year now)
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