Swithced to Ubuntu, this is my first ever OS outside of windows. Man I am loving this shit.

Bought my laptop with windows 8, was working like charm and then came windows 10, I updated it and it was working fine untill they started releasing the patch updates. My laptop became slow as fuck, taking forever to boot and bitch was I afraid to connect to my wifi fearing the background data consumption and the antivirus clogging the ram.

I am free now, I am finally free. I am ready suck the developer's dick just to please him for this masterpiece and helping me get out of this misery.

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    You're going to be on your knees for quite some time, mate. There's way more than only one developer :D
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    Welcome to Linux. I was in a similar boat with my laptop - bought it about 3 years ago and it became increasingly slow as Win 10 updates came about, and became increasingly unreliable. Switched to Linux, and it's been an absolute pleasure.
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    I had a Win7 laptop that got really shitty with the Win8 updates. (Win8 is shit in itself lol.)

    Put Mint on it and it works like a charm for the most part. Load up time is still slower than Win7 was, but it's faster than Win8, so can't complain I guess.
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    I'm sure that Microsoft made the biggest contribution to Linux with the release of Windows Vista and now Windows 10...
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    @git-fuckyou except Win10 is the best os that exists 🤔🤔🤔
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    @Stuxnet and why can't the best os release updates that don't break the search bar, start menu or delete stuff?
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    @git-fuckyou They do.

    I'd be willing to put every penny I own that most of the issues people on here bitch about are their fault, but their ego won't let them admit it 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    Not saying you specifically, or anyone for that matter, just the vast majority of people.
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    @Stuxnet that may be true, but the updates are not the only thing that annoys me on windows, like the lack of customization, ads and the fact that apps that I uninstalled right after windows installation came back with a update.

    And the update that broke my search bar hit half of company's laptops and some had to be rollbacked and reapplied multiple times, before all worked.

    I know, Linux has some issues too, especially when you are on a rolling release distro, but they are far more easy to fix.
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    @git-fuckyou You're essentially complaining about Windows for not being Linux, or at least that's what I'm picking up.

    Neither are perfect, but one is typically easier to fix, and spoiler alert: it's not linux.

    Every issue I've had with something being fucked up on Linux took at least 30 minutes of research and failed methods to get somewhere. Meanwhile, the typical windows issues I have lead me right to a forum or step by step guide and ta da! Problem solved in ~10 minutes max.

    (Yes, there's extremes for both cases. These are dealing with the generic issues.)

    🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ At the end of the day it's all about preference and I wasn't even being 100% serious. I just like to mock the "head up their ass" linux fanboys that deny the fact their OS isn't perfection. Or the ones that act like everyone should use Linux and fail to accept there's cases where someone might not be able to use it.

    Clearly, you're not one of these people, so cheers my man.
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    @Stuxnet I know that neither are perfect, but I personally don't like the appearance of windows and yes, I had far more issues with Linux that I ever had with windows, but this turned around for me since I got into development and server management.

    But yeah, cheers!
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    I recently installed ElementaryOS on my Xiaomi Mi Notebook Pro and I feel like I've got a brand new Macbook (only that it's good) (#triggeredAllAppleUsers) and I love it!
    Once you get used to the shortcuts, it's pretty fast and hell is that coding great!
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    Which model? Everything's working right out of box? Soundcard, wifi, etc.. btw, how's the inbuilt display in comparison to apple?
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    The amount of time that takes to fix your problem depends on how familiar are you with the operating system, your experience doesn't do it justice as I'm sure you are more familiar with Windows than Linux. I've been using Ubuntu for more than a decade, the problem that takes me 1hr to fix the same problem on a Windows is likely going to take me a whole day due to lack of familiarness
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    @Gaveuxifort I'm "familiar" with it but not really in a technical since.

    Like sure, it's easier for me to access some settings but when it goes much deeper than that, I'm not.

    So no. That's not a huge factor. Linux is just a pain in the ass 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
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    Probably it's a pain in your arse but certainly not mine :) I'd agree with you 10 years back but in fact at least Ubuntu atm has very user-friendly GUIs imho in spite of the fact that I'm a terminal junky. Preferences are driven by applications, there isn't a best but only what's better after the trade-off, totally respect your opinion though cannot agree with :(
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    @Gaveuxifort If I have to use a Linux distro, it most certainly will be a GUIA driven one. Currently on Mint, though I'm thinking about ruining a weekend in the future and changing it.
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    @stuxnet. You are basically the only user here i know that loves windows 10 even after all the fuck ups they did. You must be a really hardcore fan.
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    @Haxk20 Nah

    It's not perfect but I'm here the satirically mock Linux fanboys for a change of pace.
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    @Gaveuxifort It's the lower spec Pro Model from 2017 (That's all I know), however on Windows I had to spend hours installing every single driver via the keyboard, because the Touchpad and the USB weren't working without drivers. Nothing was working. On ElementaryOS everything was working out of the Box! Oh and it has no in-built display other than the main one :)
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    @Stuxnet if they'd do critical zero-day patched within a few hours, that'd be one less bad thing about the system imo.
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