I'm a front-end developer but in my project I keep getting PHP tasks 😞

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    Here before the "ew php" people.

    It never hurts to be well rounded when it comes to your skillset though.

    Are they complex or basic tasks?
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    Ew php (2)
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    @Stuxnet they are quite complex. I have to keep using tail -f /tmp/logs.log in the terminal to track the issues.
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    Yayn't php
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    I think people who hate PHP just don’t know how to use it properly... Yes, it can become a huge mess very quickly, but if you know what are you doing, it is pretty nice language actually nowadays.
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    If you have good devs php is fucking beautiful.

    If you have bad devs you will need a fuckload of coffee and alcohol to get through the day like me.
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    @lamka02sk you just described every language in existence, not just PHP
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