So I started my frontend framework learning by getting to learn Vue. Now, like, a year later, and after I've got a ton of experience with Vue, having written numerous apps with it and earned some $$$$, I'm learning React. Just because of, yeah, react-native. I feel like a caveman just by writing all that annoying overhead. :/

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    Vue native?
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    @gintko it's a good tool to make a good application. Why it's a good tool? Because of the freedom it gives you, but with freedom comes responsibility. Angular for example is way more strict in structuring an application and thus has a set structure.
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    @Codex404 That's one of the reasons I like Angular
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    reactive programming isn't an overhead in the long run. As your app scales you'll see how re-usable that "overhead" is.
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    @gintko i find it funny how you mention vue devs thinking its the solution to everything where thus far we have react native, react for windows react vr and so forth. If there is anyone that thinks its a solution for everything it seems to be React devs. Nothing wrong with it, I just think its weird.

    I love react tho, I don't disagree with it being a superior choice to Vue in some regards. But it is not a reason to put the framework down and make it seem like the devs that use it are bad devs.
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    I would PAY for Vue native. React native is a pain in the ass, hot reloading and live reloading never work, I have to fucking shake the phone and break my wrist every time I want to reload, the package randomly stops working, there is no cache (before anyone comments about AsyncStorage, fuck off and take a look at their GH issues, I ran tests and it doesn't work 99% of the time).

    I use react native only because writing 2 native apps is even more cancer, because apple and Google cant agree on a standard for mobile because at some point they contracted HIV and it has hindered their decision making abilities. That being said, Facebook has herpes instead, and that's what you sign up for when you use RN.

    If you're building in RN, I suggest building your UI in a tool like BuilderX; also, try not to leave expo, and try not to install any community modules because none of them are reliable and the installation is a PITA. Lastly, skip react, because RN has its own patterns 😣😣

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    @woodworks fortunately for you vue native is free and open source
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    @Codex404 freedom is good only for prototyping. No matter how well you will manage it, at some point there will always be that one lazy motherfucker that will fuck up everything, that also could mean you because you slept bad or something.

    @AleCx04 you misinterpreted my statement. My point was that vuejs developers learn it thinking it’s perfect and when they try to learn something like reactjs, they complain that it’s shit because it hasn’t same abstractions, that are considered bad practices most of the time. It’s not that all vuejs developers are bad, but most of them.

    By the way, react js/native/vr were designed for their specific purpose and in the end they quite different frameworks, just allowing you to reuse some generic js code between each other.
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    @gintko that's why code reviews exist
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    @gintko Yeah, I don't like overhead. VueJS solved the problem with overhead, w/e it would be, in native or web. I just feel like if given enough attention, Vue would destroy React, but yeah, Facebook is a multi-billion $$$ company and that won't happen. :/ Although, GitHub stars speak for themselves.
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