+++ You can now permanently delete issues on GitHub! +++

(A game changer! xD)

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    Written by @Skayo
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    Still in beta of course
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    So all apps are going to be flawless?!
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    Are you the only one who can delete your issues or can others delete them as well?

    Second one could be misused for censoring, which is the last thing we need on github
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    Shouldn’t this be bad?
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    About time for it. I've had this issue (heh) a couple of times where I filed an issue to a project, only to find out that it was PEBKAC or already filed elsewhere. It would make sense to just remove it then of course.
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    Time to permanently delete all the SJW bullshit "issues!"
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    @davenall Oh well 😅

    Same amount of backlash as reasoning with them, honestly. If you don't agree and comply, they slowly start insulting and forming an angry group to better "convince" you to cave. Better to refuse quickly and end it there.
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