--- New API allows developers to update Android Apps while using them ---

Today, at the Android Dev Summit, Google announced a new API which allows developers to update an app while using it.
Until now, you were forced to close the app and were locked out of it until the update has finished.
This new API adds two different options:
1.) A Full-Screen experience which locks the user out of the app which should be used for critical updates when you expect the user to wait for the update to be applied immediately. This option is very similar to how the update flow worked until now.
2.) A flexible update so users can keep using the app while it's updating. Google also said that you can completely customize the update flow so it feels like part of your app!

For now, the API is only available for early-access partners, but it will be released for everyone soon!


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    Written by @Skayo
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    I like that idea, is it out or just demo of something to come later this year?
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    I am definitely going to play around with it, when its getting available for everyone.
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    Waiting for update popups spam.
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    Looks like xcode
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    I mean, the 30 seconds (at most) that it takes to update an app isn't that bad. I've never been frustrated with forced updates on Android software. Just dont get me started on Windows Update.
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    As mentioned, it's in early-access.
    But Google said they will release it soon!
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    @Skayo Sorry I missed that, thanks man :D
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    I'm sure in countries with bad internet connection, the update takes ages. So not a bad thing, if you are able to use it while updating.
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    @Skayo xcode already has that connecting designer stuff for a long time
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    wait wtf

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    Sounds nice, doesn't it?
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    What if I don't want to update?
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    @Root I would think that root wouldn't have an issue with controlling their system.
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    @tokumei Google does everything it can to pry control away from me. So does Apple and Microsoft.
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    No these companies just try to make life simpler for "normal" people :)

    Less Control = Easier to use
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    @Skayo Less control = exponentially more anger.
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    But why
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    @Skayo but I don't think Android forces closing an app when downloading, just when installing it (after downloading). So the bad internet connection is not really an issue that live updates solve.
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