This made my day 😂

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    How about printing it?
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    Start a video conference and use sign language to communicate the code.
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    Bongo drums.
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    Painting it on cave walls for future generations >
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    @Stuxnet That was new!!! 😂
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    @leksyib printing code was actually an argument for a maxiumum characters per line limit when I was in school 😣

    It was like 80 characters or so. I hated it.
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    @Lensflare why would you hate 80 character limit? Anything more than that and you are probably getting into too many levels of indentation or are using too long names
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    My longest lines are often class definitions which include some modifiers, generics, subclasses and interface implementations. in languages like Kotlin, you are also able to put some field declarations and initialisations into the class declaration.

    function calls can also become quite big when I have many parameters and a trailing closure call with again parameters and some keywords and modifiers.

    I also think that long names are good in general. Better to be clear what a thing is by providing a long name, if neccessary.

    Every IDE can be configured to either break long lines automatically or to provide a horizontal scrollbar.
    Why should I limit my lines to some arbitrary chosen length? Why should I shorten my names to fit some char limit? It doesnt make the code more readable. The opposite is the case. This might be subjective but my reasons are not lazyness or something. Line limits are just wrong IMHO.
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    @Lensflare not having the whole line in the screen is generally bad.

    I agree with your use case, but still, how can something be readable if you can't see it?
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    'Memento' the code. If you know what I mean.
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