Best Sites to Learn Ruby: poignant.guide, ruby-lang.org, rubymonk.com, SoloLearn App, O'Reilly Books, apidock.com

Beste Seiten um C++ zu lernen: cplusplus.com, cppreference.com, SoloLearn App, O’Reilly Books

And of course, YouTube has also reinforced.

These are my personal experiences. Which method (books, websites, apps) do you think is the best?

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    First two for c++ are just plain documentation. Doubt anyone could learn from just those if they knew nothing about the language 🤔

    But those are damn good when you know what you're doing and you want docs! I use those pretty often.
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    @irene cplusplus.com and cppreference.com are probably best known for their good documentation, but cplusplus.com also offers tutorials: http://cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/
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    Well, I learned Ruby thru something called Try Ruby
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    Lol random german
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    Aaaaand bookmarked.
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