I just sent an automated email titled "Gary is a Dinosaur!" to a lot of humourless clients because the ancient application I was testing assumed I was in the production environment. 🙃

Lesson to self: stop using bogus names in testing.

Still, it could've been a lot worse... 😂

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    "Gary is a dinosaur... Buy his Dino dildo right now at https://gary-dino-dildo.xxx"

    Could have been worse indeed :D
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    Bogus names are much better for testing instead of real names/data. With real data you could leak someone's personal information. Or cause massive panic, like the case in Hawaii.
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    @netikras oh, well I live under a large rock, so please do share the Hawaii incident 😁 I wouldn't ever use real names, but maybe not "Gary is a Dinosaur!" 😂 Maybe "This is a test only"?
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    @retrix Probably this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...

    Long story short, everyone thought they were going to die.

    On a side note and like someone already mentioned somewhere, I can't wait to see how many newborns are the result of this mistake.
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    @Jilano Wow! Can't believe I missed that news 😂
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    Once I accidentally sent out a document for client review where I had a marker that there was still some work to do, a big fat "BANANA" in yellow. Client was confused. ^^
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    @Fast-Nop hahaha! Oops! 😂
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    @netikras imagine getting an official alert saying "gary is a dinosaur".
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    @git-gud I'm pretty sure that's how you become "King of the Internet" (for a day).
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    "HQ, my cover has been blown. Requesting immediate extraction, over" - Gary
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    Or disable the email server on testing environment.
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    Reminds me when i used 'fuuck!!! ' in log statement on dev and pushed to prod without removing it. People were like why does log keep saying fuuck!?

    But when more funny is when i told them anything in logs is from a programmer writing the exception they aren't actually magically generated. Idk why my boss thought logs weren't also programmed in. Everything is magic.
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    @Jilano Risky click 😏
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    @ihatecomputers There is no risky clicks, only great opportunity to get surprised! :D
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    Once I tested automated customer email responses and sent this to the client by mistake.
    From: batman@xxx.com
    Does this product contain gluten?

    He was amused.
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