My potato lagged with the temperature too high error message.

So I decided to operate on it. Last operation was about 40months ago or more.

Every time I opened and reassemble something, I always ended up with extra screws (check comments). Wish they were gold 🤔

And this is probably the last operation I could perform on it. I must save fast to buy a desktop 😥

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    4 of them are from the DVD drive that I decided to discarded for good. The rest, I have no idea.
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    Suprisingly, I always end with extra screws as well. If things work, they weren't needed ;)
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    Luckily you won't touch my computers

    But what are those screws in the background? 😰

    You have a problem with screws.
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    @electrineer from the laptop 😁
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    @electrineer Luckily I won't have to do that :P
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    Your laptop needs a bath...
    Thankfully you don't repair my laptop.
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    You need a magnetic mat. Every time you remove a screw, put it on the mat at the position it was removed from. That way, when assembling it back, you can see where screws are supposed to go.

    Also, you don't mix different screws that way.
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    @Fradow but my potato is not falling apart 😛 so it's enough
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    @cursee with missing screw, some parts won't be properly secured, which means your potato will break faster because of wear and tear, especially if you move it around often.

    Each screw as a cost, and that type of laptop is low margin. If the manufacturer could get away with less screw, they would do just that. They are there for a good reason.

    Unless you want it to break to get a replacement. Then having missing screws is a good idea.
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    I use my potato as a desktop .. so I'm good I guess.

    Last time I did the opening, i was left with like 5 screws. And now above number.

    If I used it as a mobile device, it definitely would be broke down by now. But meh, I am just using it until I can buy a proper desktop.
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    @cursee well you can screw yourself... With the remaining screws 😋

    Also @fradow that's a neat trick
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    I've taken apart and built countless computers and my "extra screws" pile is completely empty
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    Occasionally, screws are redundant, but not THAT often. Get a peanut butter jar and start a screw collection.
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