So there is a WP plugin for GDPR conformity. True to form of the shitty WP plugin ecosystem, it has a major security hole that allows taking over the WP installation:


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    lol, that's instant karma for using WP at all
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    I think that our website has that plugin as well.. but honestly given that it's such a clusterfuck already, I can't wait for it to get pwned at this point. The founder's plugin craze is driving me so bananas that I stopped giving a shit about the site at all. Hopefully if someone ends up pwning it, he'll finally realize that all those plugins aren't that good after all, and if I'm lucky, I can finally push my plans of migrating it to Hugo.. a man can dream, right?
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    @Condor "Why are you such a bad developer, can't even install plugins without getting my site hacked! What do I pay you for? You're terrible!"

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    @endor Payment? What payment?

    Gotta say though, the lack of payment is what enables me to stop giving a flying fuck about the website without any real repercussions, so that's nice.

    Having to clean up the mess up of the other editors instead of being able to put in new interesting stuff on the other hand...
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