I belive that except stock android, every other custom android UI sucks.
Especially Samsung UI and MIUI

Who else shares my opinion?

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    Miui is an ugly iOS clone.
  • 2
    Somehow I like samsung ui.

    I'll see myself out
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    Lineage is pretty cool. OxygenOs, though a stock one, is nice as well
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    CarbonRom is decent, as well as LineageOS and OxygenOS does fairly well too!
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    @netikras I like the Samsung UI too, using it
  • 4
    Me absolutely, I love Oxygen OS (OnePlus) because it is 99% Stock Android with a few but very useful and well implement features
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    @saiij I'm using and loving evie myself! Although my phone is rooted and I'm blocking its Internet access :P
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    I share your opinion.
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