Just got an email from a professor.
"Please note that there are times that are blocked on the schedule! I’d also ask that you not pick a time marked as 'free'."
Then when do we meet

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    That's a subtle "fuck off and don't bother me"
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    @Stuxnet not sure how subtle it is, but I agree on the "fuck off" part...
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    Offer to bring coffee. It forces civility out of the worst academics, they can't say no to the bringer of life.
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    Is that hard...
    Just pick a time that doesn’t have a label on it as free or blocked
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    @cbsa pick a Boolean that is neither true nor false
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    @ausername null perhaps? Shit, if they scheduled night time
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    It is clear, choose the blocked ones
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    @mundo03 True, he said they are blocked, he didn't day you cannot try book them. What you cannot book is free times
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    @rectango blocked as in reserved, reserved for this purpose.
    Choose what I already blocked for you to use.

    Makes sense to me.
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