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    That sounds about right.
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    Her hair doesn't have crazy colors. The fact that she's saying that makes me think she really is looking for attention.
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    If you're a programmer and don't have at least basic hardware and software troubleshooting skills, it speaks poorly of you.
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    I think “I’m a programmer, so I must be able to hack someone’s Facebook” is also a good summary 😂
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    @VenomDev So true 😂😂
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    @kamen just because I can doesn’t mean I want to fix everyone’s fucking printer
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    Yes - Asian people like math ))
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    @Ubergeek and they are all ninjas
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    Lets face it. Math is easy before multi var calculus. Fixing pc is easy before surface mount soldering 😹
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    @rutee07 are you the same rutee07 from before?
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    @bigus-dickus No. I'm an impostor, you uncivilized bitch face. Still can't use chopsticks? :D
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    I don't know whats the joke here, all those statements sound true to me.

    It is not that programmers cant fix PC, it is just that its not their job.

    p.s. You should have at least basic knowledge of computer hardware, if you are a programmer.
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    @mega6382 Just because I can fix a computer (OR SOMEONE'S PRINTER) it doesn't mean that I want to
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    "Mr. Leonardo da Vinci, my neighbor said you can hold a paintbrush. Could you please paint my garage door, in return I'll give you a six-pack of barely acceptable beers"
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    @Lyubo Exactly my point, like i said "It is not that programmers cant fix PC, it is just that its not their job."
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    My father recently asked me why I didn't know the answer to why some program I've never heard about does what it does. I don't know every aspect of every program in the world! If someone's an architect, he also doesn't know the layout of every house in the world.
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    @rutee07 welcome back 😂🤗
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