3D printing is truly magical, got the case from @geaz! seriously a nice fit, came in a pihut zero essentials kit tin too to protect it haha, love how neat it looks now.

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    Thanks! highly appreciate the effort that went into this! @geaz
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    Time to subscribe to him, as well. :)
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    Hmmm looks good but his initial layer was too high and there is some space between the lines.
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    @geaz just lower your z probe 0.250 mm down. Or better set it in firmware. Thatvway you get perfect prints out of it.
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    @Haxk20 0.1 mm was enough. The print was the first one after a long time. I changed the bed mount a bit before and it was not perfect on this one. Thanks for the suggestion :)
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    @JoshBent I am very happy you like it!
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