They basically have Chinese crapware on many phones, disguised as "Smart Manager" or some bs. It's "powered by Clean Master". Clean Master is crapware developed by Cheetah Mobile.

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    Their skin is ugly as fuck as well.
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    I think that one self-combustible phone of theirs speaks for itself.
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    Once owned a Samsung S3 and would never go back to Samsung again unless they pay me good money lol
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    I don't get all the hate samsung is getting... they make decent enough phones. Sure it contains bloatware with the samsung app store and bixby but a regular user never touches these thing anyhow. Much like i ignored many apps my long dead apple tablet had. I own a galaxy S8+ i got cheaper way back when and iv yet to be disappointed by it. (PS: id rather own an android than iphone but id ignore much of the cheaper phone manufacturers since they are mostly even worse)

    If id buy a new phone id buy the new oneplus phone thou
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    My daily driver: Galaxy S9 + Microsoft Launcher.

    Feed me your hate. (:
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    @mahoraz "Smart Manager" containing chinese crapware by a company that only makes money by selling data and ads. You forgot that.

    @kwilliams Don't worry, I don't hate you. I hate the company that makes deals with shady companies.
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    There is no such app on my phone called smart manager (there is however an app called smart things that i have never touch and that has not worked for a single second since the phone was first turned on and the only purpose it serves is to connect different samsung devices such as the smart watch) so i dont get your grief with it
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    @mahoraz It's not an app, it's in your settings somewhere.
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    @mahoraz Might look different by now.
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    I think its called "device maintenance". But to be honest nothing really remains from the "smart manager" side as they built only the improved algorithms into the system software (nougat anx upwards) and it contains no tracking or ads. It doesnt run automaticlly and honestly i never use it anyhow since the impact is understandably below 5%.
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    This was on my mom's S7 and she actually used it. I told her not to, but she did. Also cleared recent apps all the time. I told her not to but she still did and it became a snail after 2.5 years. Got fed up with it and bought her a Pixel 3 for Xmas so she has access to Google's support
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    I have an S9. I have no issues. Everything is clean. No notch too. I'm glad I have this.
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