Just ordered my Microsoft Hacktoberfest T-Shirt :)

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    Shhhh you're gonna trigger the Linux fanboys using the m word here lol
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    Haha I just redeemed mine today as well. I was hoping it was a white t-shirt, but that's OK.
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    But but ms sucks, windows sucks, azure sucks, switch to linux, linux ftw /s
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    @githelp mmm you didn't get my sarcasm (/s) ... I thought was quite obvious
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    @Stuxnet u forgot the isheeps too
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    @faptain They're no where near as bad though.

    Rarely see one of them call someone an "r word fanboy" for defending Windows as easy to use.

    They'll just run around screeching about their expensive ass mediocre devices lol
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