Google -> Niantic -> shit
Hate them for biting off more than they can chew, they successfully fucked up two of their games, now they are launching the third one.. Can you just fix the stuff you fucked up before you continue with new stuff?? Okithxbye

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    It's all about the $$$$$, my friend
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    @dontPanic I know, but if player numbers drop, so will their revenue from events..
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    But I like the new Pokémon update, hatching eggs and getting candy without opening the app saves me so much battery
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    @MisterArie Great, but that doesn't change the fact that the game is still buggy... I cannot even feed my pokis without restarting after returning from every gym.. and this is just one of the more annoying ones.. Here even people who started pogo and later joined ingress are bitching how pogo sucks more amd more..and they will quit playing if they don't fix it soon.
    Soon™ by Nia.
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    Splitting from Google was their (greedy) mistake IMHO.

    While they were with Google they were basically fully funded, so didn't need to resort to in app purchases and similar to keep the game afloat - and it showed as well (ingress was much less buggy in those days.)
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    @AlmondSauce Yup.. They also killed the swag I actually wanted..now only ingame badges and pins are available at anos :/
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    @SanitizedOutput yeah they sync it with google fit now. You even get extra rewards
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    I used to love AR games, but the more I played them the more they started to feel so god damn repetitive that my love for them died out ...

    Now I play sea of thieves ☠️ ARR!

    Also abit repetitive but sailing around is very relaxing... Untill you run into a kraken 🐙 LOL
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