please stop, I get it.

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    Btw, I use arch - could be another meme :)
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    I use vim on Windows.
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    I use vim on arch
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    I do use vim (actually neovim) and I love it. Just annoyed when someone told me "I use vim", "you should try vim" or "why are you using IDE, use vim" :3

    Jokes aside, vs code + vim extension is not a bad combo. Not full feature vim but can have beautiful editor with vim keys.
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    @FrodoSwaggins vim just as a a single local file text editor never appealed me. The turning points were: vim fundamentals like edit first approach, buffers, registers, multiple files /tabs, tmux, (count * command * object) way to learn shortcuts, mechanical keyboard, Rock64 (Raspberry pi equivalent) Ubuntu 18.04 server board, remote Linux servers and some Linux learning over ssh Students who are using used low config computers. Unfortunately very few people are teaching vim properly, except vomiting a bucket load of short cuts. Still learning, yet to reach plugin level.
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    @FrodoSwaggins I know:) I spent some good money on windows 10 pro n office 2016 so reluctant to change the OS, so using Ubuntu WSL on Windows n VirtualBox.
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    I use vim in the toilet.
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    I use notepad on WINE.
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    @GNUThinkFreely you the real monster
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    I use nano 🤤
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    I use MS word
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