My boss is a bit annoyed that I’m listening to the music in my headphones during work.
“Are you sure it doesn’t make you lose the focus?”

Fuck you!
The will to quit is everyday greater.

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    I am losing focus WITHOUT music
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    My first job I wasn’t allowed headphones at all.

    Apparently it would have been a distraction and prevented people from talking to me without coming over - I don’t think they appreciated the irony.
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    @Brolls that deserves a dry comment á la "thats the point"
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    @DLMousey damn dude, that was incredibly specific, love it 😂😂
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    @DLMousey don’t forget the sales team which somehow always manages to be full of brash douchebags that only have one volume.
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    Sounds like yet another cruddy boss in the industry.
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    @denialofservice clean coder, the clean coder or clean codce?
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    Is your boss your mom?
    My mom never understood the power to study with music or the tv on.
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    Correct reply to your boss in that situation:

    "Sorry, I was in deep thought and you just made me lose my focus. What did you say again?"
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    I left. 🤗
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