Client: "Hi, there's a problem with this link"
Me: "How odd, I'll take a look right away"

-- 19 minutes later --

Client: "Has this been fixed?"
Me: "I'm working on it currently"
Client: "OK please let us know when it's done"
Me: "I will do"

-- 2 minutes later --

Client: "Hi, is this done?"
Me: "I've just told you I will let you know as soon as it's done"

-- 5 minutes later --

Client: "Hi, sorry to hassle, but is this done yet?"
Me: *starts twitching*
Me: "I am working on it and I will let you know when it's done"
Client: "OK, well don't worry about it, it doesn't really matter"
Me: *explodes*

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    Tell them you fixed it already so it must be their cache.
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    @Jilano I did this with a third-party vendor I couldn't stand. He got so flustered that he erased all of his cookies, logins, passwords, etc. "From the beginning of time" to try and fix it 😅

    I still feel a little guilty.
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    @Root Haha! No need to feel guilty when people deserve it, honestly! Hopefully he learnt a lesson (but I doubt it).
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    This is all too relatable
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    Another all too relatable rant.. When I first started out in the field I found myself always grinding and killing myself, jumping through hoops to please #ClientsFromHell in time frames that were more generous for them then for myself to complete the job.
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    @Root I'm glad I'm not the only one who's used that trick. Usually by the time it takes them to clear their cookies, I've fixed it and so can blame it on that :-D
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    @AlmondSauce Exactly this 😁
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    public OnCall(Caller c){
    c.respond("Shut Up!!");
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    I also feel the need to point out the correct response in this scenario is never "I'll look right away", unless you've already fixed it ;)
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    This is why, whenever someone asks me to do something, I (1) ask for the priority and what are the consequences if it can't be done. And (2) give them a very conservative estimation of the amount of effort and time required to get it done. Always with a disclaimer that this is an estimate, not the truth.

    This usually forces clients to really think about what they are asking. Sometimes people just talk about things they think they need, before they actually think about it.
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    @losmoges and then, there was my boss/client that put everything on hold to add one "S+++ priority" feature, agreeing to let us work on it for a whole day, only to say, at the end of it, while leaving company, that it is not really that urgent and can wait for a moth or so.
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