The reason I have trust issues.

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    Ugh! Damn Managers! Jack of all trades master of none
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    @creativeCoder Masters of tight schedules
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    @creativeCoder not accurate.
    Jack if no trades, master of stupidity.

    "Jack" at least know some basics on all trades
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    Ugh! Don't take negatively! I am a Project manager for my team myself! But tight deadlines?! Nightmare guys :)
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    I love how he puts his 2 fingers up and says "Give us 2 days" lol
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    My manager knows about development and most of the time he is reasonable, but sometimes he also gets carried away when talking in the phone with a client and I enter in panic mode for some seconds.
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    That's why I'm the CEO and a Programmer in the same time, like that, I can implement realistic deadline haha
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