Actually managed to get out of bed today without snoozing my alarm.

Damn just a couple of weeks ago I usally snoozed for almost 1.5 hour with 10 minute intervals

Anyone else annoyed at them self for snoozing? And feeling bad about it for the whole day

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    Uhu, got myself a wakeup light and smart wall switches so the ceiling lights turn on too. 2 alarms going off and still I manage to stare 20 minutes to my ceiling after the alarm goes off...
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    I've got an alarm that can only be stopped by an NFC tag.

    Only problem is it's annoying to wake up and everytime the alarm goes off (15 minutes interval), so I skip them all before they go off.

    But yeah I feel you.

    Just today I woke up at 6:45 like usual and then fell asleep until 10 minutes before my first class. Luckily the bus has just left the starting point when I woke up, so I had just enough time to get dressed and start sprinting to the stop.
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    Simple solution: put your alarm somewhere where you have to get up to turn it off.
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    @rutee07 haha it's cos people underestimate their body clock and how a day is 24 hours, every day. You get used to seconds, minutes, hours, to the point, that I generally know what time it is (within about 10 minutes) at any point of my day (cos I spent so much of life without a watch but needing the time lol)

    Try and wake without an alarm, just remember to consciously say before you go bed that you NEED to wake up otherwise heads will roll.

    Seriously, the body is amazing and we inadvertently handicap it with a lot of technology we use. Things aren't there making our lives easier but rather making us less independent.
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    @falloutghst no it doesn't work 😈
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    @falloutghst Tried that, then I would just listen to the alarm for straight 40 min. 😋
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