If you like to hear music on YouTube, I can recommend you Headset (https://headsetapp.co), a nice little music player for the desktop, that streams directly off YouTube!

I've been using it for a year and it's really useful for while coding. Especially the ability to use the keyboard media keys!

Also there's a German translation since yesterday! (Done by me :D)

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    Oh cool, I know what I'm gifting on Christmas this year...
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    If you like to hear music on YouTube, I can recommend you not to.
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    YouTube has basically the biggest library of songs that you can find for free. So why not?
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    @Skayo it sounds worse than if you have a proper file on your computer. Downloading the music and playing it with a proper audio player sounds better, so the app you are promoting may be worth it. But the files are still compressed.

    YouTube is fine for exploring new music.
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    @electrineer Well, it's basically the only free provider with a reasonable library. Spotify Free is just awful.
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    @PrivateGER you mean Spotify "Free to listen what we want you to listen to"
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    If only I weren't so obsessed with lossless audio, I would :)
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    @electrineer I have a Spotify membership but half of the music i'm listenning to is not on Spotify (Mostly electronic music)
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    And another electron application is going to eat space on my hard drive and chugs RAM like it's the cure for cancer.

    I'll pass
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    Well you don't have less RAM usage when using YouTube directly. So where's the problem?
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    I have used it every single day since you posted it, thank you buddy, nice job!
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    @Skayo true point
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