Any .NET Core and Vue.js developers here?


I made this template( Nuget ) showcasing how to use .NET Core MVC with Vue as a multi-page application. You can build multiple "mini spa's" to enhance UI or simply use plain .cshtml and razor if you don't need Vue on a particular page.

I would like to know, how many of you fellow .NET developers actually use full SPA applications and is something like this useful?

It features Vue.js, Typescript, Vuex, Vue router, Bulma, Sass and Webpack 4.

I heavily use Vue CLI and SPA's but have notices that a lot of people around me still like this approach.

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    Yes, but never used them combined
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    @Codex404 That's perfectly fine if your product doesn't require it :) I was looking at GitLab, Netflix and also a lot of major companies, they're not actually building spa's.
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    Normally I would build it on top of node js as a single SPA with .net core as web api, I used vanilla js or jquery for net core mvc as they can handle their own page. Maybe I’ll look into this in the future
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    I mean, it's like a Victoria's Secret model in a flak jacket. It's not inherently bad but like why are these things together
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    You mean a way to skinny female wearing a fine coat?
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    Your reasonings are fine. If you're building a service oriented product you're way better off splitting your API from UI and build a SPA.

    But this is not that.

    This is a standard multipage app. Nothing more. If not Vue, there would be jQuery or even Vue directly imported in the page with script tag. Look around the world, big companies and sites all multipage but with some very complex pages. I also saw around me that a lot of people are building web applications with razor and cshtml. The problem is that sometimes you have a really complex page and you need a touch of a SPA only on that page and that is the case that this template solves :)
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    Any reason as to why you've put everything in a folder named content, wherein you have a folder for the server files wherein you have a folder for the Vue app?
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    @inaba Yes, this is a "dotnet new" template from which nuget package was created. You can notice also template config and nuspec files. It's standard stuff :) you can install it by running command from readme
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