I'd like to take a moment to thank YouTube for supporting the internet on Article 13, despite them having the best chance of implementing it on top of ContentID.

Thank you Google, and thank you YouTube for doing the right thing ♥️


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    Wow, that's really awesome! Thanks for sharing
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    Awesome, I didn't expect that.
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    Don't be fooled, they're only doing it because it will directly affect their pockets. If it didn't, you wouldn't even know about it
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    @endor yeah, that's true but I don't care as long it helps
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    I think this moves should be considered better.
    youtube is always google, and google is USA, meanwhile article 13 is EU...
    I think the reason behind this move is deeper, even if I can't see it..

    Also, this risks to be very political...
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    A butcher will protest as well when meat is gonna be illegal.
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    Don't forget mozilla :)
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    @mngr but Google is also EU. So anyone in EU can fine Google
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    remember how hanging was the preferred method of punishment for some crimes and now no relevant country has it today... Some laws could prove barbaric down the line. Google may be protecting their pockets but ask yourselves why is that of concern, by focusing on their pockets what is being sneaked past you that will haunt you in future?
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    @Mbithy @Codex404 @mngr @endor

    I think it's more of an issue for YouTube that it's going to severely damage their platform by having to shut down channels. YouTube exists only because the creators upload to it. Hence why the relationship between YouTube and their creators is what it is today - YouTube depends on them to give them content that's worth watching, and the creators depend on YouTube to give them a platform.

    YouTube having to shut down channels will indeed massively hurt both creators and the platform itself. I think that's why YouTube is taking this stance, not for something nefarious. But I might be wrong. Either way, it does work in the advantage of the internet. This law proposal should remain only that - a proposal. If that gets signed into law, I'm pretty sure that the demise of the internet as we know it and revolts across the EU will shortly follow. We need all the exposure that we can get to make this known to everyone that this law proposal is a bad one. Now that a large platform with an audience that goes into the billions joined the internet rebels, I can only applaud that.
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    A lot of things going on in the EU. First, blocking off memes and so on..and now, this?
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    @suprano this is blocking memes. Same thing.
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    @pullervo but YouTube content makers will be affected more. Imagine having million subscribers and you post videos and gets taken down cos of this. It sucks more than just blocking a meme.
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    @suprano yeah, but it's about The same law/directive/what ever that shit should be called. It affects more than just memes or videos. It basically breaks the internet.
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    Google made the right thing.
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    WTF is this official?? If yes then why this video looks like it is uploaded by 9yo. And they're even asking for likes, subscribe and notifications icon. It looks so unprofessional
    This is a screenshot of live video they're currently showing
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    @retard fuck YouTubers - or people in general - who ride on this shit for like- and subscriber-whoring.

    For 10++ on this post I'll break an egg on my head
    For 100++ on this post I'll singlehandedly end art. 13 (as if I'm able to)
    For 1000++ on this post I'll just fucking kill -9 myself
    For 10.000++ on this post I'll give you a Leafy-style Lamborghini

    .. yeah. And I'm totally a man of my word, not a filthy like whore XD
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    @Condor you already are at 91!!!
    egg time!!!
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    @mngr told ya, I'm such a man of my word 😜
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    @endor of course, upload filters are costly to implement
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    @Codex404 nothing wrong with that.
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