So I spent the last two days wondering WTF I did wrong, because my Laptop (Debian STABLE mind you...) would only boot in read-only mode and therefore only TTY (which btw sucks donkey-balls on a 4k screen (see image for visualization)) but on the earlier Kernel 4.9.0-7, everything was dandy.

So apparently laptop-mode-tools managed to fuck shit up in a way yet unknown, but as soon as I yeeted that bitch off my harddrive, everything was working flawlessly again...

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    @irene I was only enlightened about 1.5 years ago and didnt buy this laptop with GNU/Linux (or GNU blus Linux) in mind 2.5 years ago. I just wanted a convertible with decent specs (i7 / 16GB or RAM). Back then that was the only decent choice. The 4k was just an added 'feature'
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    I actually want to switch my laptop display from full HD to 4K. Well at least i will be prepared for this.
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    No Windows bashing?!
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    I'm envious of that res and that tiny font size
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    @CodeMasterAlex Nah, for once it aint Windows fault. I may dislike Windows for its... Quirks, but that one was on the maintainer of the package and on me 😅
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    @Root I'm fucking blind, that's why I even upscale 1080p sometimes 😂

    But many highend notebooks come with 4k displays nowadays...
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    Well seems like no upgrade happening. Maybe 120hz upgrade but thats all.
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    @Haxk20 What good is 120Hz on a Laptop tho? So you can watch the terminal output scroll by even faster?
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    @gathurian YES !!!!! And actually use it for gaming since when you have good laptop you can run games on 100fps on high so new display comes in handy. But the system will feel even more smooth.
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